Getting into Moscow

MoscowThe quickest and easiest way to get into Moscow is by plane. Crossing borders into the city is often difficult as well as time consuming. It involves navigating road works and many and many deep pot- holes. If cost is the most important factor then there are the coach and railway possibilities. This is a more efficient option for people arriving from St Petersburg or any neighboring country. Trans-Siberian railway is one of the best quality railways Russia has to offer.

It is crucial that visitors make a detailed plan of the events they wish to participate in during their holiday. This includes accommodation and travel arrangements. These plans are essential because Russian authorities require detailed information regarding what visitors will be doing in the city. It is best to be picky about travel packages and do some shopping to find the best as the best deals and prices fluctuate throughout the year.

If you are deciding to start your tour to Moscow by air then there are three major carriers you can choose from, British Airways, Aeroflot, and Transaero. These major carriers operate direct flights into Moscow where other airlines such as SAS, KLM and Austrian Airlines offer a variety of flights from many destinations. Aeroflot and Transaero both operate long haul direct flights from the USA, Canada and Australia. Booking tickets for these carriers can be done through several agencies in London and New York. Certain travel agencies offer more services than just booking airline tickets for example Russian National Group books hotel accommodation as well as other inclusive package deals. Sometimes these options can be cheaper than booking accommodation and flight tickets separately. More information is on travel site

Moscow harbors two main air terminals. Each one contains domestic and international flights. Sheremetevo has been the major international terminal for many years where as Domodedovo is the more international airport terminal to the south of Moscow. Since Sheremetevo is long overdue for renovations, tourists arriving at this terminal should expect to wait a considerably longer time than in the Domodedovo terminal.

Getting into the city from the airport is done by either taxi or bus service. The bus take approximately 35 minutes to get from the terminal to the city while the taxi service is roughly the same time but with a more private atmosphere. As mentioned before there is also the option of arriving by train. Paris, Brussels, Berlin and many other European capitols all offer train services to Moscow which take approximately one day and night to reach.

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